About Can/Am Professional Sportswear

Can/Am Professional Sportswear Inc. came into existence in May of 1986. James Tipton, founding partner has over 30 years of experience working in the field of professional sports having begun his career as an assistant with the equipment staff of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club, then Equipment Manager with the Toronto Argonauts Football Club and ongoing work with National Football League and Major League Baseball teams equipment managers has put him in a unique position to lead his industry.

" I believe that in working and consulting with some of the best equipment managers in the business of professional sports has allowed me to be above my peers in the knowledge of fabrics and design of product lines. "

Patrick Jong, co-partner started his career as an Architect in the late eighties, as the economy took a down turn in the early nineties, the building industry collapsed. Patrick was brought on by an import company to handle domestic and off shore production. He was instrumental in launching a variety of brands within the beer industry. Patrick brings over 20 years of manufacturing knowledge and product development experience to our organization. His vast knowledge and understanding of fabrics, manufacturing both domestic or overseas will guarantee that the customer will have the best pricing available.

Johnny Lam, co-partner and owner of Lantex limited, off shore manufacturer. Lantex Ltd. has been in operation well over 20 years and well respected globally in the field of garment procurement with a customer base in Europe, Asia, North America. Our main head quarters is in Hong Kong with factories in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam. Lantex works for their clients to make sure their product is manufactured and delivered to their specifications on time. We utilize our experience and technical ability to identify the best source to meet the exact specifications for your products. We give our clients solutions to all their queries and requirements regarding fabrics and garments. We understand the market place has changed dramatically and we must act accordingly to these changes. Our response to change in fashion and the demands for quick turn around will help secure your orders. Lantex Ltd. is focused by staying ahead by exploring new styles and fabrics in demand. Our factories produces all kinds of knitted products to woven products from technical performance fabrics to the very basics. We believe in giving our customer what they require at very competitive pricing. Globally we recognized the importance for being responsible socially and environmentally and in placed with our code of conduct (WRAP) Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production.

We are a custom design and private label manufacturer of high end quality garments domestically and off shore.